Noble Corporation plc 2016 Proxy Materials & 2015 Annual Report

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2015 Annual Report – PDF

2016 Proxy Statement & Notice of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders – PDF

Fraud Alert

Recently, we have been made aware of “scams” whereby unauthorized individuals are using Noble's name and logo to solicit potential job-seekers for employment or to extend fraudulent job offers. Such scams are unfortunately somewhat common and have targeted many companies around the world, including Noble. We are aware of some cases where job-seekers are being contacted directly, by phone and/or e-mail. In other instances, these unauthorized individuals may place advertisements for fake positions with both legitimate websites and fabricated ones. These individuals typically promise high-paying jobs with the requirement that the job-seeker send money to pay for things such as visa applications or processing fees.

Please be advised that Noble will never ask potential job-seekers for any sort of advance payment as part of the recruiting or hiring process.


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Noble Corporation 2010 Annual Report

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2010 Annual Report – PDF

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Noble Corporation 2011 Annual Report

90th Anniversary

2011 Annual Report – PDF

Letter to Shareholders and Corporate Information – PDF

Form 10-K – PDF

Noble Corporation 2011 Annual Report

90th Anniversary

2011 Annual Report – PDF

Letter to Shareholders and Corporate Information – PDF

Form 10-K – PDF

Noble Corporation 2013 Proxy Materials & 2012 Annual Report


2012 Annual Report – PDF

2013 Notice & Proxy Statement – PDF

Noble Corporation plc 2014 Proxy Materials & 2013 Annual Report

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2013 Annual Report – PDF

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2015 Proxy Materials - 2014 Annual Reports

Noble Corporation 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Materials

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2014 Annual Report – PDF

2015 Notice & Proxy Statement – PDF


Noble Corporation Governance Documents

  • Articles of Association — PDF
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF (Arabic)
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF (Portuguese)
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF (Spanish)
  • Noble Corporation Governance Guidelines — PDF

Board Committees

Noble Management Team

Contact the Noble Board

Please choose one of the below listed options to report concerns or complaints about Noble's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters, or other concerns regarding non-compliance of laws (including securities laws) and our company policies to Noble's Board of Directors.

  • Call the Noble Helpline:
    (877) 285-4162
  • Write to the Noble Board:
    Board of Directors of Noble Corporation
    13135 South Dairy Ashford, Suite 800
    Sugar Land, Texas 77478
  • Email the Noble Board:
  • Complaints relating to Noble's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters will be referred to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.
  • All complaints and concerns will be received and processed under the oversight of the Board of Directors by Noble's Director of Internal Audit and general counsel.
  • If possible, we will provide you with a written acknowledgment upon receipt of your written complaint or concern.
  • You can report your concerns anonymously or confidentially. Reports received via the Helpline or email address provided above will be confidential to the fullest extent possible and may be made anonymously if the reporting person so desires. Noble will maintain the confidentiality of reports, including the identity of those individuals who provide their names when reporting concerns or complaints. However, identities and confidences may be revealed to the extent necessary to conduct a thorough investigation.

Noble Board of Directors

Noble Corporation Governance Principles

Noble Corporation has followed and will continue to follow a moral and ethical path.  While our focus is to achieve the highest return on capital possible, we will not sacrifice financial prudence to achieve that end.  Integrity has to be a key paradigm of any successful company.  Our Company's approach to finances, accounting practices, relationships with accountants, the board's dedication to their fiduciary responsibility and management's adherence to the highest ethical standards is part and parcel of our heritage.

  Noble Corporation Governance Documents
  • Articles of Association — PDF
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF (Arabic)
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF (Portuguese)
  • Noble Corporation Code of Business Conduct and Ethics — PDF (Spanish)
  • Recent Changes to our Code of Conduct — PDF
  • Noble Corporation Goverance Guidelines — PDF




Rigs by Class

Far East and Oceania

Middle East and India

Europe & Mediterranean

Eastern Hemisphere

South America

United States

Western Hemisphere

Fleet Overview

Noble is a leading offshore drilling contractor for the oil and gas industry. The Company owns and operates one of the most modern, versatile and technically advanced fleets in the offshore drilling industry. Noble performs, through its subsidiaries, contract drilling services with a fleet of 29 offshore drilling units, consisting of 15 semisubmersibles and drillships and 14 jackups, focused largely on ultra-deepwater and high-specification jackup drilling opportunities in both established and emerging regions worldwide. 

Noble LINK Company Magazine

Summer 2015Winter 2015

For more than 30 years, the Noble LINK has been written and produced for parties interested in learning more about the Company.

The most recent editions are posted here and maybe quoted with attribution to Noble Corporation. For additional information about the Noble LINK please contact the Editor at Noble Drilling Services Inc., 13135 South Diary Ashford, Suite 800, Sugar Land, Texas 77478.

Noble Sustainability Reports

Sustainability reports raise transparency and integrity for investors and customers by reporting on the social, environmental and economic performance of the company.

  • Sustainability Report 2010
  • Sustainability Report 2009
  • Sustainability Report 2008

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

People and the environment are our most important assets, and their safety our greatest responsibility. Safety of people and protection of the environment is a major consideration in the operation of our vessels. Every Noble employee or contractor is accountable for conducting operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner at all times. All personnel, regardless of position, have the express authority to suspend any operation, which they believe constitutes a hazard to people or the environment.

Noble is committed to maintaining and continually improving a Health, Safety and Environmental management system which meets the objectives of this policy.

HSE Policy Objectives

  • Provide safe work environments for employees, contractors and visitors.

  • Assess risks and strive to eliminate the potential adverse impacts to people and the environment that may result from the Company’s operations.

  • Continuously improve the quality of asset procedures which ensure the safety of workers, minimize impacts on the environment and provide for effective emergency response.

  • Implement programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees as it relates to health, safety, emergency response and environmental protection.

  • Communicate information pertinent to process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental matters to internal and external stakeholders.

  • Integrate process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental considerations into business decision-making processes.

  • Pursue continuous improvement of the Company’s management system for improving process safety, worker health and safety, and environmental performance.

  • Conduct annual audits to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, company standards, and accepted industry practices.

  • Meet Noble’s obligations under the provisions of the ISM Code. 

At Noble, Safety is a Value

At Noble, we regard health, safety and environmental performance to be paramount to our ability to conduct business and compete around the world. Therefore, HSE is thoroughly integrated into the management and measurement of Noble’s business, from the top level of corporate strategy down to the daily management of rig operations. The principal means of integrating HSE and business management are the capital budgeting process, daily operations tracking reports, quarterly HSE Committee meetings, weekly worldwide operations management conference calls, employee training and development, as well as other programs and initiatives.

History of Noble

A Noble Enterprise

A brief history of Noble Corporation plc.

Noble Corporation Overview

Noble is a leading offshore driller.

The Company's proactive style of management has guided it from a one rig operation in 1921 to one of the largest offshore drilling contractors in the world today. The Company's growth since the time of its spin-off from Noble Affiliates in 1985 has come about through a series of strategic acquisitions of offshore drilling assets.

These acquisitions follow the goals originally set forth in 1985 - to gain a strong position in foreign drilling markets, to expand marine drilling operations and to move into new markets and segments of the industry, preparing the Company to take advantage of an improved marketplace.

Noble has been successful by maintaining a conservative financial policy, positioning itself to adapt to the ever changing world energy market and meeting customers' needs and demands. At the same time, the Company has assimilated an experienced and well trained work force. Lloyd Noble set the tone for the Company's employee-oriented attitude in A Legacy for Management when he said :

It has been my further belief that it was the duty of the management, and to that end my mind has been constantly surcharged, to so build the organization that when men evidenced capabilities to give them a part of my work and find other tasks to do which might result in increased benefits to the organization, or step aside; and, on the other hand, should death intervene, to have matters so arranged that I would be missed personally, while the machinery continued to function smoothly. 

- from the will of Lloyd Noble

Noble will continue to perpetuate this heritage by providing the highest quality service and performance, which its customers, employees and shareholders have come to know and expect.