Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship

Noble is committed to delivering excellent HSE performance and integrates Health, Safety & Environment performance improvements into our business strategy to add further value for customers, shareholders and employees. Safety and environmental stewardship are the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for and what we do every day to deliver safe and efficient offshore operations. Noble’s program for SAFE days strives for continued excellence in operations with the intent to achieve a no-harm workplace: no injury to personnel, no harm to the environment and no damage to equipment. Noble’s pursuit for improved HSE performance begins by starting SAFE every day: one tour, one task and one person at a time.

Noble’s excellent HSE performance is achieved by managing risk, procedural discipline and HSE leadership with a continuous improvement mindset.

MANAGE RISK — Manage process safety risk through clear, well implemented and routinely tested barrier management

PROCEDURAL DISCIPLINE — No compromise with regards to procedural discipline and accountability

HSE LEADERSHIP — Active and visible demonstration of HSE leadership by all Noble Supervisors

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT — Drive HSE performance through reviews based on incident potential, as opposed to consequence and actively seek improvement measures.