Noble’s greatest responsibility is the safety of our people. We believe every job can and must be done safely. We respect the safety and welfare of lives and property beyond our own people, including customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and regulatory personnel.

In 2016, Noble developed the SAFE Days program for the continued excellence in operations with intent to achieve a no-harm workplace, that is: no injury to personnel, no harm to the environment and no damage to equipment. We believe that a zero-incident workplace is achieved One Day, One Tour, One Task and One Person at a time.

Noble continues to provide excellent HSE performance hand in hand with delivering efficient operations for our clients. A Noble SAFE Day is more than an injury-free day. The criteria for a SAFE Day requires no dropped objects, spills, process safety events or injuries. Noble’s commitment to safety and focus on SAFE days is changing how we work; by following our Standards, holding ourselves Accountable and staying Focused, we achieve Excellence.