Noble Dave Beard

Noble Dave Beard


Rig Type Semisubmersible
Rig Design Modified Friede & Goldman 9500 Enhanced Pacesetter
Builder Vyborg Shipyard
Year Built/Upgraded 1986 / 2008
Classification ABS A1, Column Stabilized Drilling Unit, AMS, DPS-2
Flag Liberia
MODU Code 1989
Water Depth 10,000 ft
Drilling Depth 35,000 ft
Variable Deck Load 13,000 kips
Hook Load 2,000 kips
Setback Capacity 1,500 kips
Quarters Capacity 200
Draft (Operating/Transit) 00-- / 19 ft Moonpool 95 ft x 25 ft
Depth 80 ft Length 453 ft Breadth 234 ft


Derrick NOV; 180 ft x 40 ft x 40 ft; 2,500 kips
Drawworks National Oilwell; SSGD-1250 6,900 hp
Top Drive NOV PS2-1000; 60,400 ft-lbs @ 220 RPM's
Rotary National Oilwell Varco T-6050; 60-1/2 in Rotary Table
Iron Roughneck Varco AR-5000; 100,000 / 120,000 ft lbs. m/u b/o torque
Motion Compensator Shaffer 1000K CMC; 25 ft Stroke - 1,000 kips dynamic / 2,000 kips
Riser Tensioner/Stoke (10) Shaffer; 250 kips/ea; 65 ft stroke
Riser Details UDW Aluminum Risers 75 ft Long, 12.000 ft water depth, Choke and kill line, W.P-15.000 psi, Booster line, W.P-7500 psi, hydraulic lines, W.P-5.000 psi
LMRP (1) NOV Shaffer 18-3/4 in x 10 psi annular
BOP NOV Shaffer NXT; 6 ram; 18-3/4 in x 15k psi w/ Shaffer 18-3/4 in x 10k psi annular
Control System NOV Shaffer MUX System
Pipe Handling Systems National Oilwell Varco PRS-4i
Solids Control System (7) Shakers Brandt NOV Linear Motion Cascade Shakers Desander
Diverter Shaffer 60 in Diverter 21-1/4 in - 1,000 psi Diverter for 60-1/2 in rotary table
Tree Storage/Handling Storage and handling capacity 100 Short Tons (200kips). SST storage area envelope ( 40 ft max vertical height - SST cart vertical 20 ft is 14ft-10 in max width - 20ft from SST cart to top of SST envelope which is 40 ft is 12ft-9 in max width.
Cranes (2) National Oilwell Varco E96DNS180-2.5
Mud Pumps (4) NOV Hex 240; 2400 HP
Engines (8) Caterpillar C280-16
Station Keeping DP2
Thrusters (8) Rolls Royce Azimuth Thrusters


Fuel 25,892 bbls Brine Storage 2,353 bbls
Drill Water 11,419 bbls Base Oil Storage 2,295 bbls
Bulk Storage 17,600 cu ft Liquid Mud (Active+Reserve) 10,538 bbls
Sack Storage 1252 sq.ft @ 500 lbs\sq.ft
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