Noble Roger Lewis

Noble Roger Lewis


Rig Type Jackup
Rig Design Friede & Goldman JU2000E
Builder Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Cooperation (DISC)
Year Built/Upgraded 2007
Classification ABS +A1, Self Elevating Drilling Unit, CRC
Flag Liberia
MODU Code 1989
Water Depth 400 ft
Drilling Depth 30,000 ft
Variable Deck Load 14,059 kips
Hook Load 1,689 kips
Setback Capacity 950 kips
Quarters Capacity 130
Draft (Operating/Transit) 21 ft / --
Depth 31 ft Length 231 ft Breadth 249 ft
Leg Length 547 ft Leg Spacing 150 ft / 156 ft
Cantilever Envelope 75 ft x 30 ft; 2,600 kips


Derrick NOV; 40 ft x 40 ft x 170 ft; 2,000 kips
Drawworks NOV SSGD-750-4600-50-82-105; 4 OEM inc TT1150 AC,VFM output 4 x 1,150 hp
Top Drive NOV (Hydralift) HPS-750-E-AC-IS-KT, rated cap 1500; 64,175 ft-lbs continous torque
Rotary NOV D-495; 49-1/2 in Hydraulic rotating table powered by one hydraulic motor with an output of 35000 ft-lbs
Iron Roughneck NOV (Hydralift) MPT-200
BOP Cameron TL; 4 ram; 18-3/4 in x 15k psi w/ Shaffer 18-3/4 in x 10k psi annular
Control System Vetco Grey Controls Inc., UET60-VT460
Pipe Handling Systems NOV HydraRacker HR-III-X-Y-SB, 10,000kg SWL tubulars up to 13-5/8
Solids Control System (4) BEM650 Shale Shakers, (1) SWACO (1xBEM650 shale shaker; (1) 3-12 desander; (1) 8T4 desilter.), (2) MI SWACO CD-1400 (Hurricane Centrifugal) @ 25 HP
Diverter Vetco KFDJ; 49 1/2 in x 500 psi
Cranes (3) SEATRAX 6024HD Marine Cranes 50.31T @ 23 radius and 17.5T @ 105 radius
Mud Pumps (3) National 14-P-220; 2,200 HP
Engines (5) Caterpillar 3516B-HD
Jacking System BLM C150E rack and pinion system rated 1.5 ft per min. 12 pinions per leg.


Fuel 4,083 bbls Brine Storage 1,359 bbls
Drill Water 9,964 bbls Base Oil Storage 1,359 bbls
Bulk Storage 17,940 cu ft Liquid Mud (Active+Reserve) 6,784 bbls
Sack Storage 5,000 sacks
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