Noble Sam Croft

Noble Sam Croft


Rig Type Drillship
Rig Design Gusto P10000
Builder Hyundai Heavy Industries
Year Built/Upgraded 2014
Classification DNV +1A1, Ship Shaped Drilling Unit, DYNPOS-AUTR, BIS, EO
Flag Liberia
MODU Code 2009
Water Depth 10,000 ft
Drilling Depth 40,000 ft
Variable Deck Load 44,092 kips
Hook Load 2,500 kips on main hoist; 1,500 kips on auxiliary hoist
Setback Capacity 3,500 kips
Quarters Capacity 210
Draft (Operating/Transit) 36 ft / 36 ft Moonpool 115 ft x 41 ft
Depth 61 ft Length 752 ft Breadth 118 ft


Derrick NOV DDBN; 80 ft x 60 ft x 210 ft; 1,250 st main & 750 st aux
Drawworks AHD-1250; 9,000 hp main / SSGD-750, 4,500 hp aux
Top Drive NOV TDX-1250; 150,000 ft-lbs @ 130 RPM fts
Rotary NOV Model RST-755; 75-1/2 in Main, NOV Model RST-605; 60-1/2 in Aux
Iron Roughneck NOV ST-160C; 140,000 / 160,000 ft-lbs. m/u / b/o torque
Motion Compensator NOV-CMC; 1,000 kips compensated/2,500 kips locked; 25 ft stroke
Riser Tensioner/Stoke (14) NOV SWRT-250-50; 250 kips/ea; Wire line travel of 50ft
Riser Details NOV-Shaffer-FT-H; 133 joints 75 ft complete; 50 ft, 40 ft, 30 ft, 20 ft, 10 ft, 5 ft pulp joints
LMRP (2) NOV Shaffer SL 18-3/4 in x 10 psi annulars
BOP NOV Shaffer NXT; 6 ram; 18-3/4 in x 15k psi
Control System NOV Shaffer MUX System
Pipe Handling Systems NOV (2) HydraRacker-model HR-IV-ER w/ 30 kips lifting capacity
Solids Control System (6) NOV-Brandt VMS-MS Shakers, NOV-Brandt-VMS-MS1 Mud Cleaner w/ sander and desilter capability
Diverter NOV-Shaffer-CSO; 75.5 in x 1K psi w/ 21.5 in packer element working pressure
Tree Storage/Handling NOV; (2) 264 kips Xmas storage Tree Trolley, (1) 882 kips Xmas Tree trolley to move Xmas trees well center w/capacity to hang off casing, (2) 33 kips Xmas tree bridge crane
Cranes (1) NOV - OC4475RCE 165T, (3) NOV - OC4000KCE 100 T
Mud Pumps (4) National 14-P-220; 2,200 HP
Engines (6) Himsen 16H32/40v w/8,000Kw per engine, W/6 generator with rating of 7,600Kw per generator at 0.8 power factor
Station Keeping Kongsberg DP3 K-Pos DP22 (Main) & DP12 (Backup)
Thrusters Rolls Royce (6) 5,000kw-DP3-fully retractable and maintainable Thruster


Fuel 42,848 bbls Brine Storage 7,915 bbls
Drill Water 2,526 bbls Base Oil Storage 1,204 bbls
Bulk Storage 14,690 cu ft Liquid Mud (Active+Reserve) 14,586 bbls
Sack Storage 10,000 sacks
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