Crane simulator

Immersive Simulation Environments for the Offshore Drilling Industry

Since its creation in 2013, NobleAdvances has trained over 6,500 students in drilling, marine, and subsea skills for offshore drilling. Our 29,000 sq. ft. facility hosts six distinct simulator environments for students to experience. Ranging from our individual & portable well control simulators to our full-scale interconnected virtual rig simulations, NobleAdvances has the tools and expertise to meet your training needs.

Initially available only to our internal employees, NobleAdvances has quickly become a market leader in blending technical skills with human factors. Beyond the technology, NobleAdvances offers advanced drilling and marine courses including IADC / IWCF Well Control.

Unique to NobleAdvances is the interconnectivity between the simulators. This is highlighted in both our DWOS and Integrated Operations exercises, where a full rig crew built of engineers, dynamic positioning operators and drillers must work together to solve problems. Replicating an offshore rig, a failure in one support function has a dramatic impact on the simulation’s drilling performance and the team’s decision making. Understanding the interconnectivity of marine and power management to the drilling process is critical to safe and efficient offshore operations.

To learn more about our DWOS℠ exercise and other training offerings, please visit the website.

Dynamic Positioning Simulator