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Noble Integrator

Gusto MSC CJ70 X150 MD
Currently in Norway

492 ft Water Depth
Available: 2027-Q4


Rig Type: Jack-up
Rig Design: Gusto MSC CJ70 X150 MD
Builder: Keppel Fels Shipyard Singapore
Year Built / Upgraded: 2014
Classification: DNV 1A1 Self Elevating Drilling Unit Drill(N) HELDK, CRANE(N),EO and class verification of UK. MODU, SOLAS and Marpol
Flag: Singapore
MODU Code: 2009

Ratings & Dimensions

Water Depth: 492 ft
Drilling Depth: 40,000 ft
Length: 291 ft
Breadth: 346 ft
Depth: 39,4 ft
Leg Length: 678 ft
Leg Spacing: 229,7 ft / 218,5 ft
Draft (Operating/ Transit): 26,2 ft transit
Cantilever Envelope: 108 ft x 73,5 ft (x-y skidding system)
Variable Deck Load: Up to 26,400 kips
Hook Load: 2,000 kips
Setback Capacity: 2,280 kips
Quarters Capacity: 150


Fuel: 10,718 bbls
Drill Water: 21,448 bbls
Liquid Mud: 9850 bbls
Brine Storage: 4,982 bbls
Base Oil Storage: 3,459 bbls
Bulk Storage: 15,570 cu ft
Sack Storage: 5,000 sacks



Derrick: NOV capacity 2,140 kips
Racking Capacity: 3 ½” – 14” Tubulars
Drawworks: NOV SSGD-1070 - 2,1Mlbs; 5,750 HP continuous
Top Drive: NOV HPS-1000 -AC; 92,120ft-lbs continuous torque
Rotary: NOV RST; 49-1/2 in
Iron Roughneck: 2 ea NOV ARN-200 Iron roughneck w/ mud bucket
BOP: Main: Shaffer NXT 18 ¾” 15,000psi
Control System: NOV
Pipe Handling System: 2 x NOV Hydraracker- HR IV – ER. Catwalk Shuttle and Pipe handling Gantry crane. Powered mousehole cluster for 3 x tubular
Solids Control / System: (5) NOV VSM Multisizer
Diverter: Vetco Grey KFDJ 500 (30” ID”)
Cranes: (3) Molde Cranes 100ton max and 60t@52,5ft
Mud Pumps: (4) National 14P”-2200Hp Triplex 7,500psi
Engines: (4) 2,940kW ea
Jacking System: NOV BLM- C170

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