Enhanced Well Control

NobleAdvances® Training & Collaboration breaks the barrier of traditional training methods to provide Enhanced Well Control training immersed in critical thought process.

Advancing Well Control Instruction

In order to evolve well control training to the next level, NobleAdvances® researched other critical-path industries. The Enhanced Well Control course embraces many concepts found in aviation or medical training. For example, crew resource management teach a person to use their cognitive, social and personal skills to augment technical skills. This integration plays a crucial role in safe and efficient task performance on a daily basis. Instructors combine crew resource management with case studies, well-specific data, and human factors into their custom simulations. This integrated approach allows teams and participants to build critical non-technical skills while working through specific well control scenarios.

About the Course

The Enhanced Well Control course is a five-day class with the option to take the IADC Supervisor Level well control test. The week is an intense experience where classroom lessons are applied to custom well simulations with immersive exercises.

Each day starts with a unique show-and-tell discussion over breakfast at the state-of-the-art NobleAdvances® training center. Trainees review material from the previous day and present their prior assignment results. The interactive and informal nature of these morning discussions reinforces to participants they are not “spectators” in the training class – they are part of a team.

In the classroom, participants discuss situational awareness, decision-making, and effective communication. Daily activities and puzzles are presented to clarify and practice new tools that they have acquired during the course. The course explains and discusses cognitive bias, the tendency for a person to develop a view or an opinion without considering all the information. Participants examine how hidden cognitive biases impact everyday decisionsand well control situations and how to mitigate them.

Learning to Manage Well Complexity

The simulation scenarios utilize realistic events that occur during well construction. Participants know the status of the well at handover, but don’t know what to expect next. The simulation reproduces a variety of situations requiring teamwork and practicing the crew resource management tools learned throughout the week. 

Unlike simple cause and effect situations, well control events are complex and multi-faceted. An event can happen due to several combining factors and may not point to a single person’s action. As realistic and complex well scenarios play out in the safety of the simulator, teams learn how a lack of overall situation awareness can cause multiple problems leading up to a well control event. Afterward, instructors help participants make the connection between the new concepts learned and what happened during the well construction scenario.

Enhanced Well Control is uniquely suited to introduce new skills to individuals who have attended multiple well control courses during their career. The course provides a different approach by combining traditional concepts with new ways of understanding the situation. These tools enhance the participants ability to mitigate challenges in their day-to-day operations. At NobleAdvances®, Enhanced Well Control is not just a training course; it’s an immersive and eye-opening experience!

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